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Validity Studies

New York: In a pilot study of over 400 students in NYC Fletcher's Place students scored twice as high blending and segmentation and 3 times as high on decoding compared to their control peers. For detailed results please download full study summaries on the right.
Yonkers, NY: PreK & Kindergarten students using Fletcher's Place as a supplement to Open Court Reading outperformed students who were only exposed to Open Court. For detailed results please download full study summaries on the right.
California: A 500 student study of after school programs using the Reading Revolution methodology showed a 1.3 grade level improvement in word ID, 2 grade levels of improvement in word attack and 1 grade level of improvement in reading comprehension in just 25 hrs of instruction. For detailed results please download full study summaries on the right.
Oakland, California: Under-performing fourth- and fifth-graders improved an average of 2 grade levels in about 40 hours of instruction.
Oakland, California: More than 50 Middle and High School non-readers in an under-resourced urban environment averaged a 2.1 grade level increase in reading scores for every 48 hours of one-on-one tutoring.
Walnut Creek, California: Children, ages 7 to 11, made an average 1.9 grade level improvement in word attack skills in 12 hours of one-on-one tutoring over a 6 week time period.
Yonkers, New York: 100 reading-challenged ELL students in an urban environment increased their reading skills by an average of 1 full grade level after only 13 three-hour days of summer classroom instruction.
Yonkers, New York: Within the first half school year of program implementation, students taught with Reading Revolution outperformed the reading level achieved in an entire year by prior-year students.
A nationwide survey of children utilizing Fletcher's Place Reading and Spelling Program in the home showed a 20% increase in tested reading proficiency in an average of only 6.5 hours of working with the program. The University of Memphis School for Education Policy summarized the results and described them as "highly educationally meaningful."
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