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Research-Based Methodology
Reading Revolution's methodology aligns with the latest educational research. It is multi-sensory, multi-media and incorporates the best of what research demonstrates is effective in phonics and whole language systems. The "reading revolution" comes through a series of proprietary steps that, in aggregate, bring together the latest of brain research and theories of how the human brain triggers its learning mechanisms.
Our program uses proven, research-based strategies to teach all types of children of all abilities to read. The curricula receives excellent reviews from in-classroom trials and shows a statistically significant improvement in reading scores for at-risk, ELL, and children with various learning challenges.
The Reading Revolution methodology incorporates a wide spectrum of engaging activities that enable your students to succeed, no matter how they learn. These activities are:
Kid-friendly, easily learned phonics tools
Physical activities to reinforce sound and word recognition
A consistent way to sound out and spell complex words
Interactive learning games
Innovative comprehension strategies
Download our documents titled "20 Key Elements of Reading Revolution Methodology" and "Research Basis for Fletcher's Place" for an in-depth guide to the Reading Revolution methodology.
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