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Fletcher's Place
Other Programs
Videos Do the Teaching
Entertaining characters teach well-designed, powerful lessons to your child
You Read a Manual
Other programs require you to read a manual and be the teacher to be effective
Entertaining & Engaging
Fletcher's Place assures that your child will fall in love with the exciting world of letters, words and text
Boring & Repetitive
Other programs rely on dry, repetitive drills that may bore and frustrate your child
Multi-Sensory for ALL Learners
Effective for different ways of learning by teaching to all seven learning styles
Reaches Only Some Students
Other programs only work for students with the traditional visual or auditory ways of learning which may leave your child behind
Supportive Environment
Your child will learn skills from the video that are reinforced by playing interactive games with you
Isolated Learning
Other programs do not encourage parent child interaction. Your child must learn by him/herself
Comprehensive Program
Fletcher's Place is a comprehensive, systematic program for emerging readers that teaches all reading skills: phonics, sounding out & spelling words, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension
Key Reading Skills Missing
Critical skills for emerging readers are left out