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Special Ed Curriculum
Videos, Games, Songs, and Activities Based Curriculum

Curriculum for Special Ed Includes:
Materials to teach pre-reading skills through early elementary reading and spelling
Tailored training for special education specialists
Every Child is Capable of Learning to Read
Children come with many different abilities and many different learning styles. At Reading Revolution, we have been teaching children typically thought of as "special education" students for over 30 years. These children have had conditions including ADD, dyslexia, autism, Down's syndrome and cerebral palsy. Our success with special education students shows that even when children have severe learning disabilities, dedicated teachers using the Reading Revolution methodology can see their students make thrilling progress and incredible leaps forward in reading ability.
The Key to Success
The key to the effectiveness of the Reading Revolution methodology is that every reading skill is broken down into its fundamental elements and then each of those skill elements are taught through a series of fun games, songs, activities and videos.

Students are encouraged to relate letter sounds to physical movements through our Sound MovementsTM technique. These sounds are then reinforced with games, songs, and activities that give the letter sounds physical meaning. With only a few letters, even severely challenged students will start reading words and using the words in the context of appropriate games.

For example, during one activity students are given cards with individual letters printed on them. These cards are placed on the floor to create a "sound trail." As the students move from card to card they make the sounds associated with each letter, think of words starting with the letters and use the words in a sentence. Even kids in wheel chairs can play this game. Teachers can then place letters in order so that they form words.
Explicit, Fun, Clear Teaching
Each kit contains 80 Lesson Plans and over a hundred games and activities that appeal to all types of students. In addition, our teacher trainings, training DVDs, and teaching manuals give teachers the tools to reach even the most challenged learners. Our materials and training will help your teachers enjoy the success of reaching all of the students in their care. They will be thrilled to see that they can teach students that other programs or schools have "given up" on or not been equipped to teach.

How Fletcher's Place Works:
Fletcher's Place offers a truly revolutionary, uniquely effective approach to teaching reading and spelling. Our activity-based methodology engages every intelligence and learning style by incorporating songs, physical activities and interactive games, as well as the use of manipulatives, Activity Book pages, and numerous language opportunities.

The 1st grade curriculum teaches phonemic awareness, reading and spelling words, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension using explicit, systematic and cumulative strategies and techniques that give students the skills and motivation they need to read with confidence.

The following are a sample of some of the Reading Revolution strategies and techniques.

Strategies used to master these skills:
  • Stretching out sounds and words
  • Identifying first, last, and medial sounds using Sound MovementsTM which are specially designed Reading Revolution hand gestures
  • Pronouncing letter sounds accurately and differentiating between similar sounds using Sound MovementsTM
  • Orally manipulating sounds in words by using a ball game to delete, add or substitute sounds in words
Strategies used to master these skills:
  • Using Sound MovementsTM to anchor the letter symbol to the sound it makes
  • Using Sound MovementsTM to help students slide the sounds together to form words and to spell words
  • Becoming detectives to discover patterns in phonetically regular and phonetically irregular words by investigating clues and discovering the spelling patterns
  • Developing Memory Hooks to remember the spelling of one-of-a-kind words
Strategies used to master this skill:
  • Training students' eyes to visually track text, lining up letters in reading order, seeing more than one word at a time, seeing phrases, and helping the eyes move from one line of text to the next using a Reading Revolution technique called Finger Sliding
  • Obey punctuation marks using a Reading Revolution technique called Road Signs
  • Reading with expression using a Reading Revolution technique called Word Coloring
Strategies used to master these skills:
  • Attaching meaning to words and text at every step in the reading skills progression
  • Strengthening vocabulary and language development by giving students the skills necessary to note, sequence and summarize events in text using a Reading Revolution technique called Picture Notes, a form of graphic notation to put text into long-term memory
  • Formulating questions about the text to clarify what they read
  • Experiencing and imagining text using all the senses
More Information

"Fletcher's Place is the first program we have found that appeals to all of our students. Using the engaging and easy to implement methodology we are able to teach all of our students the fundamentals of reading. I think the program succeeds because it assumes that all kids are capable of learning, but it also realizes that kids need to be engaged in a manner that grabs them and keeps their interest. The games, activities, and songs keep our children fully focused on the subject. It teaches while it entertains and engages them. "
-Lisa Hawes
Special Ed Teacher, New Windsor, NY

"The Oakland Unified School District has utilized Reading Revolution's early childhood professional development services and reading methodology for at least the past seven years with excellent results. Reading Revolution has trained over 100 teachers in our district, many whom, like me, work with children in early elementary. I personally use my Reading Revolution training daily, and can honestly say that I have never seen a program as universally effective as Reading Revolution. "
-Ronni Parker-West
Resource Specialist, Oakland, CA

"I began implementing Reading Revolution and Fletcher's Place with my communication disorder students and they responded with smiles and excitement. The program Fengages all modalities, allowing all students to make progress in language arts. I highly recommend the program for all Resource and Special Education classrooms. "
-Ilene Weiss
Special Ed Teacher, Congers, NY

"Having implemented the program, and worked closely with the Reading Revolution trainers including Judy Kranzler, the founder and developer of the program, I heartily endorse the program. The teaching strategies employed by Fletcher's Place help even the most challenged special education learners. We have taught kids with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, and even mild retardation (among others). This program makes a huge, very real difference in the lives of our students. "
-Cheryl Barber
Clinic Director, Walnut Creek, CA

The Reading Revolution methodology has more than 30 years of documented success and data demonstrating the program's effectiveness in special education and remedial settings. In addition to many years of clinical data from special learning centers using Reading Revolution, a recent study of more that 500 students in over 20 California elementary schools showed that the program dramatically improved their reading proficiency in as little as 25 hours of instruction.

Our nonprofit clinic succeeds with students who have not been reached by many other highly renowned clinics. After little or no success with other programs and teaching methods, neuro-pediatricians and other educational specialists often refer students to the clinic who they thought would not be able to learn to read. Time after time, over three decades, these same students have achieved success with Fletcher's Place methodology.