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Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
Fletcher's Place for pre-kindergarten is a full-skill curriculum, not just a phonics program. This product enables pre-kindergarten teachers to engage young students in all fundamental pre-reading and reading skills.
Videos, Games, Songs, and Activities Based Curriculum
Our developmentally- appropriate curriculum of games, activities, songs, text, video (and fun!) takes kids "where they are ready to go" with reading skills taught in a no pressure and caring atmosphere.
Teachers using Fletcher's Place for pre-kindergarten will marvel as their children effortlessly gain oral language and literacy skills including phonemic awareness and phonics skills, alphabetic and word print knowledge, plus many comprehension and analytic/critical thinking skills.
Fletcher's Place materials are well-organized and easy for teachers to use. The training and the teacher manuals clearly explain how to use the numerous word play card games, game books, "Little Books" (for reading practice), DVDs, song CD, and manipulative materials.

How Fletcher's Place Works:
Fletcher's Place teaches reading with a series of 10 entertaining and instructional videos. The videos are supported by fun and developmentally appropriate games and activities.

In a typical lesson, a class will:
Watch a lesson (3-5 minute video clip)
Practice targeted skills with fun activities: The games, learning toys, simple storybooks and songs do the teaching.
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"Parents at our school are astonished by what their children are learning. Many of them simply can't believe it when they watch their kids sound out words. They are also delighted that their children are having so much fun and are so enthusiastic about taking big steps towards full fluency and comprehension."
- Principal