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Kindergarten Curriculum
Thoroughly prepare children for 1st grade
with a complete foundation for reading.
Videos, Games, Songs, and Activities Based Curriculum
With the arrival of highly important testing in 1st grade as well as increasing pressure from parents, the community, and state legislators, school districts are realizing the critical importance of giving children the reading foundation they need in kindergarten.
Traditional kindergarten reading programs focus almost exclusively on phonics, phonemic awareness, and letter names. Fletcher's Place for kindergarten teaches all these skills - and a lot more. We explicitly teach important pre-reading skills, oral language development, spelling, fluency, comprehension, social skills, and critical thinking skills.
With Fletcher's Place for kindergarten, teachers are guided, step-by-step, through a curriculum that gives students with all learning styles the tools and reading strategies they need. Each classroom kit includes fully scripted lessons that support novice teachers, or can be a quick easy reference for experienced teachers.

How Fletcher's Place Works:
Fletcher's Place for kindergarten includes game books, "Little Books" (developmental readers), manipulative materials, DVDs, card games and a host of small group, paired student learner, and whole class games. Students interact with the teacher, each other, and the characters on the screen as they watch the video in short (3 to 5 minute) episodes.

Reading skills presented in the videos are solidified and practiced with a series of games and activities. Detailed lesson plans give teachers the flexibility to pick from many different games for each skill area - or to create their own games - based upon the interests of the students children in their classroom. With over 150 games and activities to choose from, teachers and students will enjoy the variety and fun of Fletcher's Place for kindergarten.

Fletcher's Place for kindergarten carries on the spirit and approach introduced by Fletcher's Place for preschool - that young children learn best by playing, moving singing, and interacting. However, the kindergarten program is designed to be "stand-alone" and need not be preceded by our preschool program.
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"Our students are leaving kindergarten with the fundamentals of reading. In many cases they are already reading at a 1st grade level or more. But just as importantly, all of our students are excited to go on to 1st grade and to master reading fluency and comprehension."
- Literacy Specialist
Stockton, CA

In the Yonkers, New York school district approximately 400 students who were using Fletcher's Place as a supplemental program to their core reading program were tested against students using that core reading program alone. After one year, the children using Fletcher's Place matched those using other programs and consistently outperformed other students in all of the more complex higher order categories (encoding, decoding, nonsense words, comprehension). This study shows that children using Fletcher's Place are significantly more advanced in areas such as phonics, phonemic awareness, and comprehension.